Lightweight Application Monitoring & Diagnosis

  • Monitor new application deployments in production for performance problems
  • Trace individual transactions and drill-down to see which failed and which were slow
  • Collect actionable information to share with application support teams

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Application Performance Management in the Cloud

  • Use RTI to monitor your cloud-based JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse applications.
  • Add the RTI cartridge to your OpenShift application to start monitoring its performance.
  • Easily connect to multiple hosts in the cloud.

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Lightweight Application Performance Monitoring Across Silos

  • Drill down in your test environment from the user and business process to application method level.
  • Deep dive under full load; patented technology delivers lightweight diagnostics and reporting.
  • Integrated with JMeter and soapUI.

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Simple, Lightweight Application Performance Monitoring

  • 24/7 Performance Profiling, in Production, for about 2% Overhead
  • Automatically Discover and Monitor Business Transactions, and Deep-Dive into Problem Transactions
  • Connect directly to JBoss, Tomcat or Fuse servers, inytegrate as a plugin into JBoss Operations Network (JON) or used as an APM cartridge in the cloud/OpenShift

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Cost Comparison

  • RTI license fees are a fraction of the cost of other application performance management tools.
  • RTI installation is simple and saves effort
  • RTI includes free Jumpstart training

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If you are new to RTI, learn more about application performance management for Red Hat Middleware:  Learn More

If you are new to application performance management (APM), read more about the industry at


Why Use RTI?

RTI optimizes your IT investment by improving application performance, reducing hardware investments, and increasing end-user satisfaction. Learn More...

Who Uses RTI?

Developers, Testers, and Operations: RTI works across the Lifecycle to increase the quality of your Software, every step of the way. Learn More...


RTI is no longer being developed or supported.  

Please contact OC Systems support if you have questions about this.