RTI Features Tour

The Features Tour offers a detailed guide to RTI's state-of-the-art application performance management diagnostic capabilities.

Transaction Discovery

Learn about how RTI uses Transaction Discovery to automatically monitor your application on a transaction basis.

Lightweight Transaction Profiling

Learn how RTI automatically monitors discovered transactions with Lightweight Transaction Profiling.

Transaction Tracing

Find out how Lightweight Profiling is taken one step further to give users ultimate visibility into transaction performance with Distributed Transaction Tracing.

Resource Monitoring

Discover how RTI offers the most comprehensive performance management tool with Resource and JVM Monitoring.

Performance Alerting

Learn how RTI’s Performance Alerting features give users all the information needed to identify and solve production problems.

JBoss Operations Network

Find out how RTI extends JBoss Operations Network to provide comprehensive Application Performance Management.


Discover how RTI offers factual analysis to operations, development, and quality assurance with Collaboration Across the Lifecycle.

Test Automation

Discover RTI’s Lightweight Deep Diagnostics for test and development including end-to-end transaction tracing for Load Runner and JMeter.

End-User Experience

Find out how RTI captures the exact End-User Experience from user click to the final page rendering.

Cloud and OpenShift

Find out how RTI offers application performance management in the cloud and OpenShift.

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""RTI is a robust performance measurement tool, deep in details, easy to learn and simple to use.""

Raghu Konala, President
TechSuggest Inc.