JBoss Operations Network

JBoss ready ISV partner

RTI is available as a stand-alone tool or integrated with the JBoss Operations Network (Jboss ON) Plugin Architecture, which drops into your existing monitoring framework.  Either way, no additional firewall exceptions, agents or tools are required.

With JBoss ON, RTI monitors JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse platforms and reports performance, which is directly added to the existing repository.

JBoss Operations Network Plugin Architecture

RTI Architecture with JBoss Operations Network


Users have two choices for analyzing RTI Performance Data:

  • Operations typically uses the existing JBoss Operations Network Web Interface
  • Development and Technical Staff use the Eclipse based RTI Console

OPERATIONS – Web Interface

  • Use the RHQ Web Interface to monitor Application Health and Business Performance
  • Define and monitor performance Alerts


  • Analyze detailed performance metrics and transaction traces using an eclipse based client
  • Collaborate with operations by loading trace data triggered from Alerts