RTI v3.4.2

New Platforms and Environments

RTI now supports profiling and tracing Apache Camel endpoints and routes in both the JBoss CamelServlet and in Fuse Karaf containers.

This includes JBoss Fuse server support for profiling and tracing Fuse application bundles. RTI now covers the full range of JBoss appliciation serves and ESBs. RTI also includes end-user experience monitoring for Linux Chrome.

Enhanced Data Collection

RTI has extended out-of-the-box coverage for application code including Asynchronous EJB calls and other CDI mechanisms. The automatic profiling and tracing of these annotation-based markers means less configuration for custom code and more data collection from the moment RTI is installed.

Improved Reports

RTI profile reporting has been expanded to include business transaction and Java method elapsed time and CPU time summaries. Profile reporting can be grouped by host, application and process id to facilitate monitoring and analysis of clusters of JVMs. New Java method elapsed time and CPU time reports can be generated from from deep-dive trace data. All the profile and trace reports can be saved is text format, generated from the summary views.

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"With the release of RTI for OpenShift Enterprise, OC Systems provides an integrated, complementary, effective add-on cartridge for customers to run Application Performance Management in the cloud."

Chris Morgan
OpenShift partner product manager,
Red Hat