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OC Systems Launches RTI v3 at Red Hat Summit and JBoss World

RTI Delivers End-to-end Performance Diagnostics for Complex JBoss Applications

Boston, MA (May 4, 2011) – OC Systems, Inc. has released Version 3 of RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI). RTI is a deep-dive performance monitoring and diagnostic tool for JBoss that captures the actual end-user experience, starting at the browser, and lets performance engineers, testers or developers drill down into slow transactions to identify the root-cause of performance problems. that affect the end-user experience.

RTI is available in two editions:

  • RTI Web, which is available for free, measures response time at the browser and lets engineers quickly triage a performance problem to the client, network or backend.
  • RTI Enterprise provides the ability to do a deeper dive, drilling down to the method level to identify the root cause of performance problems.

RTI is different from other application performance management (APM) tools in several key ways:

  • RTI provides transaction tracing upon demand. When specific end-users are experiencing performance problems, RTI can be deployed on the fly to just those users.
  • It is easy to dynamically adjust the type and quantity of data that is collected as the application executes.
  • RTI is particularly lightweight to install and maintain. It is agentless, and requires no firewall changes, no large-scale data repositories, and no management server. The management console runs on any Windows workstation.

Designed for production, RTI also provides deep diagnostics for test automation through integration with LoadRunner, JMeter and soapUI.

"One of the things that impressed me about RTI is that it is lightweight enough that you can run your application with deep diagnostics turned on," said James Pulley, CTO of Newcoe Performance Engineering. "Another is that it is easy to use. You don't have to deploy agents or spend a lot of time defining what you want to examine. As someone who has been working continuously since 1996 to help customers solve complex performance problems, I can tell you that this is a tool that will be useful to anyone who is working to identify and resolve performance issues."

"Many people find the organizational issues in implementing an application performance management system to be roadblocks. They need firewall tunneling, extra servers, and have to get buy-in from so many groups that the project just stalls," said Oliver Cole, president of OC Systems, Inc. "In this new version of RTI we decided to build a simpler solution. No extra servers, no drilling holes in firewalls, no agents. Just a way to track down JBoss performance problems thats there when you need it."

Pricing and Availability

RTI Web is available for free, enabling performance diagnostics to the client, network and backend tiers. Client-side performance collectors and analysis for Internet Explorer, Firefox, LoadRunner, JMeter and soapUI are included. Server-side performance monitoring is provided for Apache HTTPD.

RTI Enterprise extends RTI Web, providing lightweight method-level diagnostics for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise and Community Platforms, as well as Apache Tomcat. RTI Enterprise is available annually for $1500; shorter and longer term licenses are available.

More information about RTI can be found at http://www.rtiperformance.com.

OC Systems

OC Systems, Inc. (www.ocsystems.com) provides software tools, development environments, and services that its customers use to improve the performance and operational reliability of their software applications. Customers include Lockheed Martin, IBM, Northrop Grumman, SAS, Sandia National Laboratories, Intel, SAIC and the U.S. Army. Founded in 1983, the employee-owned company is based in Fairfax, Virginia.

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