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OC Systems Announces Hitchhiker for Eclipse; Free Eclipse Plug-In Provides Testing, Debugging and Performance Analysis for C/C++ Applications

Hitchhiker brings the capabilities of the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) to C/C++

Fairfax, VA, June 27, 2005—OC Systems, Inc., provider of state-of-the-art software tools and development environments, today announced the release of Hitchhiker for Eclipse. Hitchhiker is an Eclipse plug-in and runtime engine that provides tracing, profiling, memory leak tracking and function coverage tools for C/C++ applications. Hitchhiker can be used throughout the application development lifecycle, from development to testing, deployment and production.

"As Eclipse has grown beyond being a Java IDE, it has become increasingly important that testing, profiling, memory analysis, and coverage tools be available for native code. Our Aprobe instrumentation technology allowed us to quickly integrate these capabilities with Eclipse," said Oliver Cole, president of OC Systems. "Hitchhiker is our first foray into the C/C++ space within the Eclipse ecosystem. We look forward to receiving feedback and developing future Eclipse-based products, particularly for C/C++."

Hitchhiker collects performance and control flow data by automatically inserting machine code instrumentation into an application. Data collection is configured using the Eclipse Workbench. The application can either be launched manually on the target machine or from the Eclipse Workbench; in either case Hitchhiker detects and instruments the target application. Hitchhiker is non-intrusive; the application can be traced and profiled at near full execution speed.

Collected data is sent back to the Eclipse Workbench and can be viewed in real time using a variety of data visualization views or saved for later analysis to:

  • Identify objects and methods that consume the most time
  • Identify memory-intensive classes
  • Gauge program concurrency
  • Locate memory leaks
  • Browse every execution of a method as a function of time
  • Access a wider view of execution behavior as a function of time
  • Identify active threads
  • Identify when threads are active
  • Identify frequently called methods
  • Identify different phases of program execution
  • Study different method invocations

Hitchhiker was developed using OC Systems' patented Aprobe software instrumentation technology. Aprobe is an agent-based monitoring system that modifies the executable at runtime, while it is in memory. Commands are inserted at the machine-code level and executed while the application is in process. Aprobe can be used to develop custom, application-specific instrumentation for applications written in Java, as well as C/C++.

Pricing and Availability
Hitchhiker is free and can be downloaded now from http://www.ocsystems.com/eclipse. Hitchhiker is currently available for Linux. It works on C/C++ applications developed using the Eclipse C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) or any other native code development environment.

About OC Systems
OC Systems, Inc. provides state-of-the-art software tools, development environments, and services that maximize software quality and application availability to companies that are developing and maintaining critical systems. Customers include Lockheed Martin, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Northrop Grumman, SAS, Sandia National Laboratories, Cognos, Intel, SAIC and the U.S. Army. Founded in 1983, the employee-owned company is based in Fairfax, Virginia. More information may be obtained at http://www.ocsystems.com.


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