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Welcome to the OC Systems press room. Here you will find the latest news, press releases, and company information.


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Most of the products from OC Systems are based on Aprobe, a patented software instrumentation technology that lets users monitor the execution of a software application, log data, or alter its behavior.


RootCause™ provides insight into the internal functioning of software applications in the post-development environment, allowing faster resolution of performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and other software defects.

RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI) provides a simple and inexpensive way to accurately measure actual end-user response times for actions initiated within the Internet Explorer browser.

PowerAda is an integrated environment for developing, testing, integrating and maintaining complex Ada applications on Red Hat Linux and AIX.

Press Contacts

Kristen Ferretti
+1 703-279-2775

Oliver Cole
President and CEO
+1 703-279-2760

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