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RootCause Transaction Monitoring (RTI) for ITCAM to measure response time in transactions

Add Browser Response Time Measurement and RTI Analysis to ITCAM for complete Transaction Monitoring

RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI) for ITCAM complements IBM's ITCAM for Response Time Tracking (RTT) product by extending its system monitoring capabilities past the edge of the enterprise, to the end-user for browser-based (Internet Explorer) transactions.

RTI captures exactly what the end-user experiences, from "click" to "render," and integrates with an existing ITCAM for RTT deployment to provide the most complete monitoring capability.

RTI for ITCAM proactively captures and alerts on system issues which are communicated and displayed in real-time, so your operations staff can identify, prioritize and react to events that impact end-users.

Increased availability and reduced operational costs
RTI extends ITCAM monitoring to the workstation, to include response-time monitoring of the network. A complete picture of each transaction in real-time provides operations with information about which of the many system components are at fault.

Measuring the response time allows them to proactively recognize when a slowdown occurs and begin triage immediately. The result is shortened time to resolution, increased availability and reduced costs, as fewer skill sets need to be involved in the triage effort.

With RTI, Service Level Agreements can be measured where it is most important: at the user interface. If your users are getting good response time measurements, you have a healthy system!

Greater analyzing capabilities for a broader audience
RTI for ITCAM also includes an analyzer for examining the data collected by ITCAM. This analyzer is complementary to the reports generated by ITCAM and is especially useful for developers and testers.

Additionally, RTI for ITCAM includes a stand-alone mode for collecting browser response time without the need to have the ITCAM software installed. In this stand-alone mode, no firewall or networking changes are needed to collect the browser response. This simple mode of operation provides a good starting point before deploying a full Tivoli back-end monitored solution.

The most complete view for measuring web transactions
A typical transaction for a browser-based application starts with the user clicking a browser button and waiting for the browser to refresh with the results. Invisible to the end user, that transaction "visits" many computers before it is complete.

RTI for ITCAM allows the system operators to see the amount of time that the transaction spends in each one of those computers, including the network. This is invaluable information to help determine why transactions are slow.

Easy to install, easy to use
Designed to be easy to install and easy to use, RTI for ITCAM can drop onto a user's workstation in a test environment and be collecting data in minutes. It supports developers, testers and operations.

  • Developers can use RTI in either stand-alone mode or integrated with ITCAM to measure response times of their applications. RTI records the subtransactions associated with each browser action so that a developer can isolate why a particular browser transaction is slow.
  • Testers can verify that response time requirements are being met. Where they are not being met, they can provide the RTI collected data to the developers as part of a complete problem report.
  • Operations can reduce cost and increase availability by having a complete real time view into the operations of the system.

Based on the ARM standard
RTI for ITCAM uses the Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard, specifically version 4.0, to measure response times. Since ARM is an open standard, RTI for ITCAM is easily integrated with other ARM-enabled products to provide complete end-to-end response time measurement and transaction decomposition. Learn more about ARM.

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System requirements
RTI for ITCAM is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Internet Explorer Version 6 and 7. A Java Runtime version 1.5 or higher is required for the RTI Analyzer. You will need to have ITCAM for RTT installed prior to enabling RTI integration with ITCAM.

More information
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RTI is an easy-to-use tool that helps diagnose performance problems. Unlike other solutions, it's designed from the outset for production – so lightweight that you can run your application with diagnostics turned on.

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