RTI Performance Diagnostics Tool – Product Overview

RTI is a deep-dive Application Performance Monitoring and diagnostics tool for JBoss that lets operations, developers, and testers monitor and drill down into slow transactions to identify the root-cause of performance problems that affect the end-user experience.

What Is RTI?

Learn about RTI's unique application performance monitoring and diagnostics features, capabilities across the lifecycle, architecture, and system requirements.  

Who Uses RTI?

Get information about how performance engineers, testers, developers, and operations take advantage of RTI’s robust out-of-the box functionality.

Why RTI?

Discover Why RTI is the only solution for comprehensive application performance management on the JBoss Operations Network and read testimonials.


Next Steps

"“There are three things that have impressed me about RTI. First, it comes from a company that has been specializing in improving application performance for 20 years. They know what they are doing. Second, it is lightweight – designed from the outset for production usage – which means you can run your application with deep diagnostics turned on. Third, it’s easy to use. You don’t have to deploy agents or spend a lot of time defining what you want to examine. As someone who has been working continuously since 1996 to help customers solve complex performance problems, I can tell you that this is a tool that will be useful to anyone who is working to identify and resolve performance issues.”"

James Pulley, CTO
Newcoe Performance Engineering