Simple, Lightweight Application Performance Monitoring

If you need a lightweight and easy-to-use tool to monitor and diagnose performance in production, RTI is the answer.

With Lightweight Transaction Profiling RTI can monitor your application in Production to the method-level with just 2% overhead.

Lightweight Transaction Profiling with RTI, which can be integrated with JBoss Operations NetworkClick here for a larger view

RTI tracks and monitors business transactions across JVMs, into COTS or legacy code, and drills down to diagnose the problem at the method-level. 

JBoss Operations Network

RTI is the only solution to integrate with JBoss Operations Network, extending its capabilities to provide comprehensive performance management for the JBoss and Tomcat platforms.

RTI significantly reduces the time it takes to resolve complex defects affecting end-user performance and usability by showing you exactly where your application is failing. With RTI you can:

  • Automatically discover and monitor business transactions with no user configuration.
  • Run Lightweight Transaction Profiling in production 24x7 with just 2% overhead under full load.
  • Trace transactions< across JVMs and Platforms to identify root-cause failure to the method-level. 
  • Correlate system resources, JBoss and JVM metrics to business transaction performance. 
  • Monitor and alert on any code in your application. 
  • Uses JBoss ON as a single platform for all JBoss management, monitoring and diagnostics.

""The metrics RTI provided were very clear and easy-to-understand, and they helped me analyze the problem much quicker than any other performance monitoring tool I have used so far.""

Raghu Konala, President TechSuggest Inc.