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Memory Audits
Need help with memory-related problems? OCS consultants will scrub your application for memory leaks and memory corruption. We use RootCause or Aprobe, as well as other tools. You receive a report identifying any problems we find, possible solutions, and other informational data, such as how many threads are in the application, how much stack space was used by each thread, how big static data is, and how big the heap is (minimally, average, and maximally).

Performance Audits
Plagued by performance problems? OCS consultants will analyze your application's performance, identifying bottlenecks and offering suggestions for improvement. The primary tool we use is RootCause or Aprobe, although other tools may be used if appropriate. You receive a report with specific recommendations for improving performance. If desired, we can demonstrate and/or prototype these changes.

Software Comprehension
Planning a major enhancement to an existing application? OCS consultants can write probes that show the dynamics of your system and help you better understand the way your application works now, reducing the risk of making changes.

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Aprobe Technology Overview

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