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Application Performance Tuning Services
Leverage OC Systems expertise to ensure that your project meets its performance targets and delivery deadlines. Our consultants combine their experience dealing with performance issues with our software instrumentation tools to help you get your application back on track.

Application Response Measurement (ARM) Instrumentation
If you want to use ARM to collect performance data and monitor transactions, we can help you get up and running. We'll help you get ARM working in the IBM software stack, then use RootCause to inject ARM calls into any components that are not already ARM-enabled—without modifying the source code.

RootCause Consulting Services
Our consultants can install and configure the software for you, optimize traces, and do whatever customization you need to get the most out of the product.

Sensorpoint Consulting Services
Make more effective use of the sensorpoint technology in the new Wind River Management Suite when you work with OC Systems' expert consulting team.

Custom Instrumentation
When you want information about the functioning of your system that you can't get now, we can instrument your application, obtain the information you need, and integrate it with your existing dashboard.

Writing Probes
We can write application-specific probes that answer whatever questions you have about the behavior of your application. Services are sold by the hour, in increments of as small as one hour. (Probes are typically small and don't take long to write.)

OCS offers 20-hour introductory courses for all products. This training is typically bundled with the software purchase. However, training courses are available separately, as are advanced training and train-the-trainer programs.

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Aprobe Technology Overview

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