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Schedule a free 30-60 minute conference call with a senior performance engineer who will review your situation and provide actionable next-step guidance including:

  • Guidance on applying best practices within the context of your ongoing problem. We have more than 20 years of experience resolving performance problems in complex applications. Lots of times we just know where to look. Other times we can tell you what steps to take to eliminate some of the possible causes and get closer to the root cause.
  • Which performance tools are most appropriate for the kind of problem you have. Yes, we're going to be biased towards our own tools, but we do a lot with open source and have a good purview of the market – if you're not sure where to start, we'll point you in the right direction.
  • If appropriate, we can bootstrap you into installing and using RTI to deep-dive and resolve response time issues. You'll get an engineer who will be your personal point of contact for the duration of your trial – and priority support.

There's no charge for this call.

You get one of our senior engineers for up to an hour – for free – who will give you advice about how to solve a specific performance problem with your system.

Why are we doing this?

A couple reasons… First, we like to have our engineers in direct contact with our users.  To be successful as a product company, we need to connect with our users and understand their problems. When it comes to evaluating the features and direction to take a product, this experience is invaluable.

Second, we want to impress you.  If we can help you now, then we think there's a chance you will remember us down the road – perhaps that means help with additional performance engineering, or purchasing RTI licenses.

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"“There are three things that have impressed me about RTI. First, it comes from a company that has been specializing in improving application performance for 20 years. They know what they are doing. Second, it is lightweight – designed from the outset for production usage – which means you can run your application with deep diagnostics turned on. Third, it’s easy to use. You don’t have to deploy agents or spend a lot of time defining what you want to examine. As someone who has been working continuously since 1996 to help customers solve complex performance problems, I can tell you that this is a tool that will be useful to anyone who is working to identify and resolve performance issues.”"

James Pulley, CTO
Newcoe Performance Engineering