Test Automation

Lightweight Deep Diagnostics for Test and Development

RTI's lightweight deep diagnostics provides testers and performance engineers a simple solution to discover exactly where slow transactions are spending time.  It also enables Quality Assurance to find Performance problems before they get to Production.  

By monitoring and reporting business transactions, RTI looks deep into the problems of your load tests to pinpoint slow and underperforming operations.  With RTI, your test and development organization can:

  • Create bug reports with objective evidence, not opinions, that identify the failure and point to the root-cause.
  • Eliminate the need to spend multiple cycles reproducing defects and diagnosing problems as they occur under full load.
  • Collaborate with development by sharing method-level trace data so they can create higher quality fixes, fast.
  • Deep dive under full load using lightweight transaction profiling at only 2% overhead.

End-to-end Transaction Tracing for JMeter and soapUI

RTI's end-to-end Transaction Tracing for JMeter and soapUI not only monitors and reports Transactions for any end-user or Test Automation platform but takes its capabilities one step further.  RTI integrates with JMeter and soapUI to provide end-to-end tracing from the load generator across the network and into the backend application.

With RTI, testers can quickly identify problem transactions and drill down to understand exactly where and why they are failing. RTI can:

  • Quantify network latencies across your load generation sites.
  • Isolate exact end-to-end traces by virtual user, load generator or transaction.
  • Correlate backend application failures directly to the impacted business process or transaction.
  • Measure and understand database calls on a per transaction basis and display each executed database call and associated SQL.