Performance Engineering Tiger Team

The OCS Tiger team performs short-term (typically 5-day) performance engineering consulting engagements designed to help triage and resolve one or more complex application performance problems on-site at your location.

Prior to on-site support, our consultants work with you to identify the scope of the problem and success criteria, including:

  • Understanding the components that are involved, constraints for making repairs.
  • What approaches have already been tried.
  • What are the goals for the on-site visit, what is the criteria for success.

We then use our 20+ years of experience to apply best practices to address and resolve your performance problems.  The timeline of a typical visit is:

  • Before Visit – identify high-level problem, success criteria.
  • Before Visit – identify appropriate use of tools – either open-source or OCS commercial
  • Day 1 – get briefed on problem/environment.  Install tools, start data collection.
  • Day 2 – identify data needed to resolve problem, configure/customize tools if needed, focus specifically on best practices to collect missing data. 
  • Day 3 – analyze data, refine data collection.
  • Day 4 – present solution/work-around; prototype if possible.
  • Day 5 – summarize trip: review methodologies, tools used, best practices, etc.
  • Follow-up – deliver detailed trip report, actionable long-term performance plan.

OCS tools can be uninstalled at the end of the engagement or left in place. If left in place, additional licensing may be needed.

Performance engineering consulting engagements can be customized and include the following additional components:

  • End-to-end transaction tracing with deep-dive analysis.
  • Custom instrumentation of third-party software applications.
  • Definition and implementation of Technical Performance Measurements (TPMs).
  • Capacity planning.









"“RTI is very efficient in locating performance problems.”"

H. Erdal Sarper, Consultant
Sarper Technologies