Distributed Transaction Tracing

For ultimate visibility into Transaction performance, even in distributed environments, RTI supports Distributed Transaction Tracing that goes one step beyond our Lightweight Transaction Profiling.

In real-time, RTI can enable tracing for only those Transactions that are underperforming.

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RTI provides a unique solution that offers precise transactional information with the lowest overhead and the following capabilities:

  • Enabled in Real-Time – Automatically trigger tracing from a threshold Alert, or manually flip it on only when you need it.
  • Delivers on a Transactional Level – Traces only what you need.  RTI traces at a business transaction level and prevents excessive overhead that comes from global tracing.
  • Sheds the Bloat – Eliminates data bloat and overhead by dynamically throwing away method timings that don’t contribute to your performance problem.  
  • Uses a Patented Technology – Features the lightest weight technology available.  So much, in fact, that RTI is used for Air Traffic Control logging and system forensics.

Trace Analysis

Tracing captures detailed metrics including:

  • Transaction Path across JVMs or Servers for actual end-user Transactions
  • Detailed context information including SQL query parameters, correlated to the business transaction
Trace DiagnosticClick here for a larger view

Trace detailed SQL query parameters