What is RTI?

RootCause Transaction Instrumentation (RTI) is a user-friendly, non-invasive, and lightweight monitoring tool that ensures the system performance for your application meets end-user expectations. Offering robust out-of-the-box capabilities, RTI installs in minutes, with no significant infrastructure requirements and no need to modify the systems or applications being evaluated. RTI also:

  • Measures and monitors response time and provides end-to-end visibility into underperforming processes that negatively affect transactions and events.
  • Gives powerful reporting and summary features that are accessible and intuitive to users at all levels of the organization – developers, performance testers and engineers, IT managers, Level 2/3 support and help desk personnel.
  • Traces application performance and functional problems, such as response times and underlying architectural limitations, to their source and, leveraging RTI's flexibility, configures data collection parameters to access real-time data critical to restoring optimal performance.

RTI can monitor JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse servers directly or as a fully-integrated plugin to the JBoss Operations Network.

RTI is the only solution providing comprehensive Application Performance Management, Monitoring, and Root-Cause Diagnostics, integrated into the JBoss Operations Network.

RTI extends the base application performance monitoring capabilities of JBoss ON, including:

  • Business transaction discovery, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Enhanced performance alerting, with increased collaboration across operations, technical support and development
  • Root-cause diagnostics to the Method-Level


RTI is distinguished from other APM tools through the following features:

  • Automatically discovers and monitors business transactions with no user configuration.
  • Runs Lightweight Transaction Profiling in production 24x7 with just 2% overhead under full load.
  • Traces transactions across JVMs and Platforms to identify root-cause failure to the Method-Level. 
  • Correlates system resources, JBoss and JVM metrics to business transaction performance. 
  • Supports monitoring and alerting on any code in your application. 
  • Uses JBoss ON as a single platform for all JBoss management, monitoring and diagnostics.

RTI Measures Performance Across the Lifecycle

RTI is used across the lifecycle to be pro-active about Application Performance for development, test and production. 

RTI Across the Lifecycle

Across the organization, RTI provides:

  • Technical Performance Measurements: Measure performance of any Java code – COTS, Legacy or Custom.

  • End-User Experience: Quantify end-user experience for web applications using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Performance Testing: Diagnose performance problems in your Quality Assurance (QA) environments with end-to-end transaction monitoring and analysis for Meter and soapUI.

RTI supports directly connecting to JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse for use in environments where JBoss ON is not deployed.  This enables developers, testers and architects to fully understand and resolve application performance issues before they get into production.

JBoss Operations Network

RTI is available as a stand-alone tool or integrated with the JBoss Operations Network Plugin Architecture, which drops into your existing monitoring framework.  Either way, no additional firewall exceptions, agents or tools are required.

RTI Architecture with JBoss Operations Network

RTI Architecture with JBoss Operations Network

RTI monitors JBoss, Tomcat and Fuse and reports performance data directly to JBoss Operations Network, where it is added to the existing repository.

Users have two choices for analyzing RTI Performance Data. Operations typically use the existing JBoss Operations Network Web Interface, while Development and Technical Staff use the Eclipse based RTI Console.

OPERATIONS – Web Interface

  • Use the JON or RHQ Web Interface to monitor Application Health and Business Performance
  • Define and monitor performance Alerts


  • Analyze detailed performance metrics and transaction traces using an eclipse based client.
  • Collaborate with operations by loading trace data triggered from Alerts

System Requirements

Component Supported Versions
JBoss Operations Network JBoss Operations Network v3.01+, RHQ v4.X
Operating Systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Applications JBoss Platforms, Tomcat, Fuse with Java 1.5+ (32 / 64-bit)
Web Servers Tomcat, Apache HTTPD
Automated Test Platforms JMeter, soapUI
End-user Monitoring Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer


"“The metrics RTI provided were very clear and easy-to-understand, and they helped me analyze the problem much quicker than any other performance monitoring tool I have used so far.”"

Raghu Konala, President
TechSuggest Inc.