Why RTI?

RTI offers the most comprehensive Application Performance Management, monitoring, and Root-Cause Diagnostics for JBoss Middleware.

Our unique solution delivers the core capabilities needed to resolve complex application performance problems quickly. Built for users at all levels within an organization, its lightweight monitoring offers end-to-end visibility from user "click" to "render." RTI diagnoses performance bottlenecks to the method-level across the browser, web and application tiers.

RTI’s latest version features the most advanced monitoring capability, Lightweight Transaction Profiling, which allows you to discover, monitor, and diagnose application performance in production with just 2% overhead under full load.

Further, RTI provides:

  • Transaction Discovery - Discover and monitor business transactions with no user configuration.
  • Transaction Tracing - Trace across JVMs and platforms to identify root-cause failure to the Method-Level. 
  • Comprehensive Metrics - Correlate detailed metrics - system resource, JBoss and JVM metrics - to business transaction performance. 
  • Alerting - Monitor and alert on any code in your application.
  • JBoss Operations Network - Integration provides a single platform for all JBoss management, monitoring and diagnostics.


"The metrics RTI provided were very clear and easy to understand, and they helped me analyze the problem much quicker than any other performance monitoring tool I have used so far."

Raghu Konala, President
TechSuggest, Inc.

"There are three things that have impressed me about RTI. First, it comes from a company that has been specializing in improving application performance for 20 years. They know what they are doing. Second, it is lightweight – designed from the outset for production usage – which means you can run your application with deep diagnostics turned on. Third, it’s easy to use. You don’t have to deploy agents or spend a lot of time defining what you want to examine. As someone who has been working continuously since 1996 to help customers solve complex performance problems, I can tell you that this is a tool that will be useful to anyone who is working to identify and resolve performance issues."

James Pulley, CTO
Newcoe Performance Engineering

"We integrated RTI with Load Runner to allow us to drill down on slow transactions and locate the problem area.  RTI is very efficient in locating performance problems; it shows you all the servers related to the execution of one transaction and instead of looking at many logs, you can narrow it down to one location (one server, one command).  Once you find the problem it is easier to resolve it; overall RTI makes problem resolution more efficient!"

H. Erdal Sarper, Consultant
Sarper Technologies

Next Steps

""RTI is a robust performance measurement tool, deep in details, easy to learn and simple to use.""

Raghu Konala, President
TechSuggest Inc.